Here is a recipe for a novel, perhaps every novel. Certainly for my favourite novels:

  1. Always, always, the battle of good against evil with good triumphing over evil.
  2. The underdog winning against all odds.
  3. Love. Usually involving sacrifice. Overcoming fear.
  4. Power coming from a spiritual realm, from the Creator.
  5. Faith. Overcoming fear and connecting the protagonists to that ancient power.

Of course there will be a “bad guy,” someone to personify the evil that the main characters need to fight. Will he come from one of the clans? Or another world? Someone who has been a black sheep, chastised and ostracized for an abuse of power. He views himself as a misunderstood visionary, the clans are missing out on an opportunity for greatness. Perhaps he wishes to exploit the humans as an inferior race. Why should these lesser beings have control over the planet while the clans have to keep secret?